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You want to sell your home for the highest price possible with the lowest stress

Selling your home can be a daunting task, with a lot of preparation and hard work involved. It can be difficult to know where to begin. You deserve a trustworthy and ethical team that will work tirelessly for you, from the initial preparation stages all the way through to closing and beyond. With over three decades of combined experience in real estate sales, exceptional organizational skills and a highly empathetic nature, we can help make this transition smooth and successful fo you.

Their creative sales and marketing strategy was clearly backed by considerable experience, knowledge of market trends and a deep understanding of buyer behaviour. I was impressed that they confidently adapted their approach in accordance with their ongoing market research and discussions with interested parties.

– jess rubin (seller)

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Initial Consultation

When you're prepared, we'll coordinate a meeting with you to discuss your goals. We'll tour your home and offer suggestions on how to prepare it, providing you with a prioritized to-do list. In case you're planning to purchase another property, we'll explore the pros and cons of selling before buying and vice versa. We'll help you decide which option is most suitable for your needs. These consultations usually occur well in advance of the actual listing of your property.

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Once you're ready to list your property, we'll develop a personalized marketing plan for it. Our pricing approach will be informed by current market trends. Our social media and online marketing initiatives are carefully designed to target the right audience. To showcase your property in the best possible light, we'll enlist the services of our professional home stager to make sure it looks its absolute best. Our photographer will capture high-quality images of your property, along with virtual tours and floor plans.

From showings to offers

Once showings commence on your property, we'll diligently follow up on each one to obtain feedback for you. When an offer is received,  we'll assist you in securing the most advantageous terms possible, whether there's a single offer or multiple offers to consider. Once all parties have signed the agreement, the buyer may still have certain conditions to fulfill which can take some time. When the sale is firm and final, it's time to celebrate! We will send all the documents to your lawyer.

From Sale to closing

After your sale is finalized, we'll remove the staging from your home. If you plan to buy a new home after selling, we'll begin searching for suitable properties right away and attempt to align your closing dates. You'll meet with your lawyer to sign documents during the week prior to the transfer of the property.

Moving Day

If possible, we recommend staggering your closing dates by a day or two so that you can take possession of your new home first. This approach ensures that you won't be stuck with all of your belongings on a moving truck and nowhere to go in case of any unforeseen issues. You'll likely receive the keys to your new property in the late afternoon on the closing date.

Comprehensive Seller Checklist

Our comprehensive checklist will help you stay organized as you move through the selling process. Download it now, with no obligation.

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We would love to talk with you about your plans, and get you started on the path toward a smooth sale. You’re under no obligation to work with us. We are just happy to chat.

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Check out our FAQs selling real estate in Toronto, Hamilton or London.

It depends. There are risks with each choice, but finding the least risky option, the one that allows you to sleep at night is the goal.

The variables?

  • What/where are you selling
  • Where are you buying? 
  • How picky are you/how specific is your search? 
  • Do you qualify to carry two properties if you had to? 

If you can’t close on your purchase because your home hasn’t yet sold, you can be sued. 

And to qualify for a bridge loan from the bank (temporary financing allowing you to use the equity in your current home to close), you must have a firm sale. So you can use the bridge to cover a a difference between the closing dates on your sale and purchase, but it doesn’t protect you while you wait for your home to sell. 

In some markets, a conditional purchase might be accepted (conditional on the sale of your property), but in a Seller’s Market and in most urban markets, this condition is not commonly used. 

It’s important to get professional advice from someone very familiar with your area and the market trends for the type of property you’re selling. No one has a crystal ball, but had advice can leave you in a jam.

Especially during the last few years, as more people choose to make big moves, we see Realtors working in areas they aren’t familiar with. Even if you have a long relationship with your Realtor, or they are a good friend, we don’t suggest working with them in an area that is not local to them. Buying and selling real estate involves risk. A local, experienced agent can offer you far more protection and guidance than someone who is not familiar with the area. Mistakes can happen, resulting in lost profits or worse. Agents routinely send referrals between colleagues. If you’re thinking of selling and you want to have your friend involved, you might ask them to refer you to a local Realtor. They will be compensated for the referral by the local agent, and you’ll be in more experienced hands. It’s a win-win. 

You do not have to accept any offer on your home. Your choices with any offer? You may reject it, negotiate with the buyer, or you can accept it. 

Nothing provides a guaranteed return, but thes updates typically provide the highest ROI:

  • Deck/patio/porch update. Outdoor space is highly valued by buyers
  • Kitchen update, whether a minor facelift (cabinet painting, counter change) or major. Make sure it’s done well
  • Bathroom update. Minor or major, both show good ROI
  • Entry door replacement
  • Basement finish or remodel. This update provides more living space and gives a solid ROI

You’re right, you could represent yourself. In the end though, you may end up losing more than you saved. We have unfortunately seen it happen. Our role is to maintain a deep understanding of market trends and local neighbourhoods.

We’ve spent many years learning and practicing negotiating skills and they are extremely important when dealing with offers and counter offers.

A skilled Realtor knows how to aggressively market a property to a targeted audience, and comes with a team of professionals to ensure your property is shown in the best way possible. 

It’s very difficult to be objective about your own property. Your home is likely your most significant investment. In an effort to cut costs by selling it yourself, you may not have it presented at its highest potential, you may not negotiate the best terms on your sale and you may make costly mistakes. 

It’s not worth the risk.

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