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Prior to 1993, Lambeth was its own town, separate from London. The residents here still think of themselves as separate and depsite the extensive development the area is undergoing, Lambeth retains a small town feel. With farmland and plenty of green space and walking trails around, it’s a beautiful and quiet place to live. There is a strong sense of community, particularly in the more mature neighbourhoods, a and along Main Street you’ll find lots of shops and small businesses. The local Canada Post, LCBO and Service Ontario and the quick access to Highway 402 are very convenient aspects of living in this small town on the edge of London

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Lambeth is bordered by Highway 402 in the south, and its western boundary roughly follows the path of Dingman’s Creek, up Colonel Talbot Road. 

The Clayton Walk Subdivision, (west of Colonel Talbot Road and south of Pack Road) is included in Lambeth’s boundaries, but that’s as far north as Lambeth runs. 

To the east, Bostwick Road to Warncliffe make up the boundaries of Lambeth. 

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The location is ideal for those who dislike city driving, or plan to commute. Highway 402 provides quick access to the 401 and allows for faster drives to other parts of London. Avoiding the trip across London can save a fair bit of time. 


There aren’t a lot of restaurant and pub options in the area. There are some, but to find a good local pub or a strong variety of restaurants, you may need to travel a bit.


Lambeth is still on the edge of farmland and forest. It’s just a moment’s drive and you are surrounded by beautiful green spaces. The area offers beautiful hikes, bike paths, golf courses, and driving ranges. For active people who enjoy nature, it’s ideal. 


You will have to use your car for most things. It’s not the most walkable area, unless you live in the neighbourhoods that are close to Main Street. Even then, you’ll probably end up driving most places.


All the amenities you need are a short drive away. Big box stores, small shops, restaurants, a variety of grocery stores, produce direct from local farms, a stunning recent YMCA facility and community centre…you don’t have to go far to find what you need. 


Colonel Talbot and Longwoods/Main are pretty busy roads. So if traffic noise bothers you, you’ll want to pick a neighbourhood that’s set away from the main arterties. 


It’s very safe and family friendly area. Here you’ll find professionals, families, those new to the area and some longtime residents.  Lambeth rates in the top 4 areas in London for household income. 


The high schools are a fair distance away. There are school buses, but if you have teens you’ll end up driving them around a lot, unless they have their own cars. 


Lambeth still feels like a small town, despite it having joined London. The area is still set a bit apart from the bustle and traffic of the busier parts of London. It still feels like small town living in some ways. 


There is a lot of construction happening in the area. Lots of new developments, which brings noise and dirt. The finish line is no where in sight at this time, with many farmers’ fields slated for housing.

Home Styles In Lambeth

There are a variety of housing choices in Lambeth. You’ll find older homes, built in the 1950’s and 60’s, some neighbourhoods dating back to the 1980’s and ’90’s, and many new builds. The homes range from bungalows to two story detached, and the area also offers some townhomes and condo towns. There are  options for first time home buyers, some mid-range in price, and luxury properties as well. 


Mature Homes

At its core, Lambeth offers beautiful mature neighbourhoods. Bungalows and larger two story homes can be found ranging from centurty homes, through the 1990’s. Whatever vintage of home you desire, you can likely find it in Lambeth.


Newer builds

There are many new homes being built in Lambeth. The Heathwoods, Clayton Walk and Silver Leaf subdivisions are good choices for those looking for newer home options. Talbot Village is also near by and a popular choice.  



In the Lambeth area you’ll find a variety of townhouse options, from stacked (newer) to row housing (also newer) to bungalow townhomes. These are a popular choice for those looking to downsize and to mimimize yard work and home maintenance. They are also a more affordable option. 


Lambeth offers some excellent schooling choices.

Lambeth Public School is a public school spanning grades JK-8. 

It’s located at 6820 Duffield Street, in Lambeth.

School buses are offered and many children are bused in from Talbot Village, the Clayton Walk subdivision and parts of Lambeth. 

Saunders Secondary School is a public high school. 

Located at 941 Viscount Road in Westmount, it’s about a 10-15 minute drive from Lambeth.

School buses are offered. 

Sir Wilfrid Laurier is a public high school offering French Immersion.

Located at 450 Millbank Drive in Pond Mills, it’s about a 15-20 minute drive from Lambeth.

School buses are offered. 

Kensal Park FI Elementary includes grades SK through grade 8. 

It’s located at 328 Springbank Drive. 

St George includes grades JK through grade 8. 

It’s located at 375 Lyden Crescent in Byron.

School buses are offered. 

St Anthony French Immersion Elementary includes grades SK through 8.

It’s located at 1380 Ernest Avenue in White Oaks, a 10 minute drive from Lambeth.

School buses are offered. 

St Thomas Aquinas (STA) is a Catholic High School.

The school is located at 1360 Oxford Street West, in the Oakridge area, on the edge of Byron. 

It’s approximately 15 minutes by car from Lambeth. 

School buses are offered. 

Cathedral Catholic High School offers French Immersion, grades 9-12. 

The school is located at 30 Wentworth Street North. 

lIt’s approximately 8-10 minutes by car and 35-45 minutes on public transit from the Durand/Kirkendall area.

Places of Interest

The Lambeth area of London is perfect for individuals who seek a quiet, relaxing lifestyle and value nature.

Located a short drive away in Byron, Springbank Park is a perfect spot for a walk or bike ride along the Thames River. 

The bike paths in London are extensive. Through Springbank Park The Thames Valley Parkway connects with The Terry Fox Parkway, leading past the downtown area and deep into east London. The TVP is over 40 kms long and is a fantastic way to explore London. 

If you like to golf, Lambeth will be a comfortable spot for you. With 4 golf clubs within a short drive, your choices are vast. 

Check out:

Hickory Ridge Golf and Country Club

Echo Valley Golf Course

Thames Valley Golf Course

Greenhills Golf Club is a private course requiring membership.

Or practice your drives at the local and popular Bob’s Range.

There are a few wineries within a reasonable drive from Lambeth. 

Quai du Vin Estate Winery, located in St. Thomas, which is about a 30-minute drive from South London, is a picturesque vineyard setting and offers a variety of wines to taste.

Rush Creek Wines is situated in Aylmer, approximately a 40-minute drive from South London. They are known for their fruit wines and offer a peaceful rural atmosphere.

Dark Horse Estate Winery is located in Grand Bend, around an hour’s drive from South London. Dark Horse Estate Winery boasts beautiful vineyards and a lovely tasting room.

Komoka Provincial Park is a beautiful place to hike and check out the wildlife. 

The stuff to do at Boler Mountain is extensive, whether the season is green or white. 

From yoga, bootcamp, zumba, treetop walking, beach volleyball and hiking to snowboarding/skiing, and tubing – it’s well worth the 8-10 minute drive to Byron. 

One of the cool things about London and particularly Lambeth, is the ease at which you can hit a beach. 

Port Stanley on Lake Erie in one direction, and Grand Bend on Lake Huron in another. 

With the 402 access at Lambeth, Grand Bend is less than an hour’s drive. 

Port Stanley is only a half hour away, past St Thomas. 

Both are beautiful towns and beaches to visit. Sandy shores, quaint shops, beach bars and entertainment, volleyball and water sports all make for a good time.

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