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We love this area. The Crown Point neighbourhood has a strong sense of community pride, a rich sense of history, and a fantastic business area. Crown Point real estate provides a wide variety of relatively affordable homes. All around, it’s a great choice.

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Locations of Crown Point

Crown Point is divided into East and West. The broader area, known as the Crown Point Hub encompasses Crown Point East, Crown Point West, Delta East and Delta West.

Crown Point East and West are bounded by:

  • Kenilworth Avenue North to the west
  • The Niagara Escarpment to the south
  • Gage Avenue North to the east
  • Burlington Street East to the north

This neighborhood benefits from its central location, providing convenient access to downtown Hamilton and major transportation routes.

5 Reasons You'll LOVE it:

5 Reasons You'll HATE it:


Affordable homes – though prices in Crown Point have increased as demand for Hamilton homes has grown, it’s still quite affordable in comparison to neighbhourhoods further west in downtown Hamilton.


If you’re planning to commute to Toronto via the GO Train, Crown Point will be a bit of a hike to the station and probably not very convenient. 


Ottawa Street, the divider between East and West Crown Point, is home to fantastic shops, cafes and restaurants. The business area is an eclectic hub and a great reason to live in the area.


Crown Point is quite close to the industrial section of Hamilton. Sometimes residents can smell the factories. 


Walkability – while it may be a hike to downtown, Crown Point offers so much in the way of amenities and parks that there isn’t much need to walk further. 


The houses are quite old. So if newer homes are your preference, or if you are not open to renovations and the upkeep an old home requires, you may not like it here.


Crown Point residents demonstrate a strong sense of community and pride. The area has a rich history and diverse culture, and the community tends to be invested get involved in local happenings. The area has a friendly neighbourhood vibe.

Home Styles In Crown Point

In Crown Point, you’ll find a variety of home styles that contribute to the neighborhood’s diverse architectural character. Most of the homes here were built between late nineteenth to mid-twentieth century. They are on the smaller side for the most part, and detached.

Crown Point real estate choices, with the availability of smaller homes, provides more affordable options. It’s a popular choice for many families and first time home buyers.



Crown Point is home to quite a few war time, and early 20th century bungalows. Some brick, some vinyl or metal siding. 


Two Story Detached

Crown Point real estate options include many detached one and a half and two story homes. They are mostly on the smaller side, three bedrooms and one bathroom, but occasionally you’ll see something a bit larger.


Below is a list of schools that service the Crown Point neighbourhood.

Adelaide Hoodless Elementary School is located at 71 Maplewood Avenue. 

Grades JK-8.

Prince of Whales Elementary School is located at 77 Melrose Avenue North. 

Grades JK-8.

Queen Mary Elementary School is located at 1292 Cannon Street East. 

Grades JK – 8. 

Memorial Elementary School is located at 1175 Main Street East. 

It runs from JK – 8. 

Bernie Custus Secondary School is located at 1055 King Street East. 

The grades run from 9 through 12. 

Sir Winston Churchill Secondary School is located at 1175 Main Street East. 

Grades 9-12. 

AM Cunningham Elementary School is located at 100 Wexford Avenue South and offers French Immersion. 

The school offers full day kindergarten, and French Immersion is offered in grades one through five. 

WH Ballard Elementary School, located at 801 Dunsmure Road, offers French Immersion to grades 6, 7, and 8.

Sherwood Secondary School is located at 75 Palmer Road. 

Grades 9 – 12, offers French Immersion.

St Joseph Catholic Elementary School is located at 270 Locke Street South. 

The school offers JK, and French Immersion is available from senior kindergarten through grade eight.

St Eugene Catholic Elementary School is located at 120 Parkdale Avenue South. 

The school offers French Immersion to grades SK – 8.

Cathedral High School is located at 30 Wentworth Street North. 

French Immersion is offered from grades 9 through 12. 

Places of Interest

Crown Point is an place where there is almost always something going on. Locals definitely benefit from being able to everything the area has to offer.

Along Ottawa Street you’ll find some fantastic local businesses. Known as The Textile District, it’s home to fabric and fashion shops, but here you’ll also find great coffee, restaurants, shopping and events. 

Don’t miss the Ottawa Street Farmers’ Market every Saturday morning, April through December.

One of the big pluses of having such a beautifully spacious park mere steps away are the festivals held within it. 

Some examples of festivals that have been held at Gage Park:

  • It’s Your Festival, an annual multicultural festival held over the Canada Day long weekend. It features live performances, cultural exhibits, food vendors, artisans, and a fireworks display.
  • The Festival of Friends is one of Canada’s largest free outdoor music and arts festivals. It takes place over a weekend in August and showcases a diverse lineup of musical performances, art displays, craft vendors, food trucks, and activities for all ages.
  • Ribfest is an annual event that brings together rib vendors from across North America to showcase their barbecue skills. 
  • Winterfest, a family-oriented winter festival that celebrates the season. It includes activities such as ice skating, ice sculptures, live entertainment, and winter-themed games and crafts.

The food scene is strong in Crown Point. With a wide variety of restaurants and groumet foods, as well as great coffee, the area draws many visitors. 

Interestingly, the first Tim Hortons opened in Crown Point on Ottawa Street in 1964. 

From Crown Point it’s a very easy walk to Tim Hortons Field, affectionately known as “The Donut Box”. Here you can catch Hamilton Tiger-Cats and Forge FC games


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