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With its preserved heritage buildings and architectural diversity, Corktown offers a unique blend of old-world charm and modern conveniences. This central location provides residents with easy access to downtown amenities, including shops, restaurants, and cultural attractions. Explore the lush green spaces of nearby Gage Park and immerse yourself in the strong sense of community that thrives within Corktown. 

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Location of Corktown

Corktown is situated in the southeastern part of downtown Hamilton. It is bounded by several prominent streets and landmarks. To the north, it is bordered by Main Street East, a major thoroughfare that runs through the heart of downtown. To the south, the neighborhood extends roughly until Hunter Street East or King Street East, both of which are important east-west routes in the city.

To the east, Corktown is bordered by Wellington Street South or Ferguson Avenue South, depending on the exact boundaries considered. These streets form the dividing line between Corktown and the Beasley neighborhood. Finally, to the west, the neighborhood is defined by Queen Street South or Bay Street South, marking the separation between Corktown and the Durand neighborhood.

5 Reasons You'll LOVE it:

5 Reasons You'll HATE it:


Walkability. You can walk to most everything from here: bars, restaurants, parks, coffee, hospital, the escarpment and trails.


Because of its urban and central location, regular city noises can be noticeable. 


If you prefer to be close to downtown but do not have the required budget for Durand/Kirkendall, Corktown is a good choice. Smaller homes and mid-range downtown prices.


Some petty crime, bike thefts, car and garage break-ins and vandalism happen here. 


If you like older homes, you’ll love it here. Century homes, townhouses, semis and condos are all available here.


Damp basements are pretty common in the area (like a lot of the older homes in lower Hamilton).


Trees and parks. It’s a mature area, and one of Hamilton’s oldest, so the trees are beautiful.


Construction can sometimes be an annoyance, like most cities during the season.


Strong sense of community. The neighbourhood association holds regular events and meetings, and you’ll find that the community is involved and invested.


If you prefer newer, larger homes, you’ll be hardpressed to find them here. 

Home Styles In Corktown

Corktown is known for its Victorian century homes. Here you’ll also find rowhouses, semi-detached homes and apartment buildings. 



You will find single-family detached homes in Corktown. These homes come in various architectural styles, including Craftsman, Edwardian, and Georgian. They offer a range of sizes and designs, from modest cottages to larger residences.



Corktown is known for its beautiful Victorian-era houses. These homes typically feature ornate detailing, tall windows, intricate woodwork, and steep roofs. They often exhibit architectural elements like bay windows, decorative trim, and front porches.


Row Houses

Corktown has rows of charming row houses that were built in the late 19th and early 20th centuries. These attached homes are characterized by their narrow, vertical design, with multiple floors and shared sidewalls. They often showcase decorative brickwork and traditional facades.

Some newer row house or condo townhouse options are also available.


Corktown offers schools to provide quality education for your children. Below is a comprehensive list of the schools that service the area.

Bernie Custis is located at 1055 King Street East.

High school 9-12.

Bennetto Elementary School is located at 47 Simcoe Street East. 

Grades 1-7.

Kaneteskare Elementary is located at 222 Robinson Street. 

Grade 8. 

Westdale Secondary School is located at 700 Main Street West.

Grades 9-12.

St Patrick Catholic Elementary School is located at 20 East Avenue North. 

Grades JK-8.

Cathedral High School is located at 30 Wentworth Street North. 

Grades 9-12. 

St Joseph Catholic Elementary School offers French. Located at 270 Locke Street South. 

Grades JK-8. 

Cathedral High School is located at 30 Wentworth Street North.

Grades 9-12. 

Places of Interest

Corktown is centrally located and very walkable to all that downtown Hamilton has to offer.

Located in the heart of downtown Hamilton, Gore Park is a central gathering spot and a great place to relax. Enjoy the green space, historic monuments, and occasional events and festivals that take place there.

Located on York Boulevard, just outside Corktown, the Hamilton Farmers’ Market is a vibrant hub for fresh produce, local goods, and delicious food. Browse the stalls, sample different foods, and enjoy the lively atmosphere. 

Hamilton is known for its thriving arts scene. Take a stroll through the nearby James Street North neighborhood, which is home to numerous art galleries, studios, and shops. It’s a great place to admire local artwork and find unique pieces. Don’t miss the annual Art Crawl.

Visit Corktown Pub, a popular neighbourhood hub for a pint, to catch some live music, to watch a game or meet up with friends. 

From here, there are countless restaurants and bars within walking distance, but this one is a long-standing landmark.

Hop on The Escarpment Rail Trail for a hike or a cycle, starting out at Corktown Park. 

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