when you're house hunting

How many properties should you see?

When we are in a buyer’s market and property inventory is high,  the choices might feel endless.

You should see or be familiar with enough properties to be confident about what you want. 

But while it’s important to understand the choices in your price range, looking at home after home is overwhelming, can be surprisingly tiring, and a time waster.

The good news though, is that it’s also unnecessary.

If you’re a serious buyer and you really want to buy a home, with the right representation, you shouldn’t need to look at countless properties.

An effective agent, quite honestly after one outing, and often after only a consultation appointment, can curate a list of showings that is targeted, efficient and relevant to your vision.

We are able to gain a deep understanding of what you want, and where you’ll find it.

Sometimes, depending on the scenario, we even preview properties, ruling them in our out before you ever leave your house.

We know which properties are going to be a ‘hard no’ and we can guide you away from those and toward real possibilities. You don’t need to see the duds. It’s a waste of your time and energy.

Why confuse yourself wading through home after home when you can look at a handlful with the confidence that you’re seeing real options?

Your time is valuable

And what about open houses?

Open houses can be a fun way to spend a Saturday. Early in your search they can also be a good way to gain an understanding of an area and the types of homes available.

Often though, the advertised price of the property is not likely to be the eventual sale price.

Without guidance, it can be hard to know if you are looking at a property that’s within your target price range. 

So if you’re serious about moving forward, open houses aren’t the best method for viewing properties. 

The best way to get your home search started is to build your team of trusted professionals. 

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