Hi there! We're The Wilson Sisters.

We grew up in the real estate business, the daughters of a successful Real Estate Broker in Brampton Ontario. So, it seemed the natural choice in 2003 when Mel began her career in real estate and Joanna soon followed. We lived and worked in Toronto for most of the years since, until Joanna followed love to Hamilton in 2018 and Mel moved her family to London in 2021. Our team has deep knowledge and experience in all of these areas, with a keen focus on relocation. 

what makes us different

Realtors are not all built the same...

From our perspective, real estate isn’t really a sales job. There are lots of real estate agents who look at it differently. ABC – Always Be Closing. Yes, we do work hard to sell our clients’ homes. But we think of our role as that of a consultant. We are highly experienced, skilled consultants, guiding people through the process of buying and selling homes. Guiding toward sound, happy decisions and choices.  We aren’t trying to convince people to do things they don’t really want to do.

We resist the idea of “objection handling” and scripted sales conversations. We have a deep desire to serve, strong communication skills and we know how to listen. This is what makes us good at what we do.

We genuinely care and set out to do the right thing by our clients.

"What we appreciated from Mel was her honesty, time (many a Saturday or Sunday morning!), and her patience. "

Aileen C.

What To Expect When Working With us...

Responsiveness. Our clients will tell you that we are lightening fast when responding to our clients, whether by email, text or phone. 

The straight goods. We will always tell you the truth, even when you may not like it, or if it talks us out of a “deal”. Your best interests are always the most important thing.

Market knowledge. We’ve been at this for a very long time. Through experience and education, we stay on top of market trends in our areas, to ensure our clients have the best guidance possible.

Skilled negotiations. Negotiating is a very important part of what we do, and it can be a bit of an art. A lot of real estate agents who have come up during the last 10 years haven’t had the opportunity to develop negotiating skills. Homes have practically sold themselves in a lot of cases. Our years of experience, dating back to the days of face to face offer presentations have given us the tools and instincts needed to serve our clients’ and put together successful agreements.

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behind the scenes.....

Real Estate

Pet Peeve


Duh, you priced it $200,000 under market value.



Hoods We Call


Jo currently lives in the country outside Dundas ON. The view from her home office involves horses, making her the happiest. 
Mel lives in Lambeth, on the edge of London, ON. It’s a fantastic place for her youngest son to grow up.

Our Real Estate


We both love old houses. Character, charm, wood, brick, usually coming with bigger lots….so many reasons to love them. Hamilton has so many century homes in the lower city, and London as well, that we fall in love with homes all the time.

After Hours


When we aren’t working you’ll find Mel on the golf course, hiking or at her cottage in Queenston. Jo loves spending time with her family, grabbing a coffee with friends, and gets her work outs in every day. We actually spend as much free time together as we can.  

Our Happy


Jo and her husband spend a bit of each year in Florida. Sunsets over the ocean bring her peace and rejeuvenation.

Mel finds her respite among the vineyards of Niagara on the Lake, at her cottage. Campires, wineries, and sunsets. It’s blissful. 




Walk-In Pantries


Heated Shower Seats

Outdoor Fireplaces

Covered Porches



Ensuites with no door (really?)

No bathtub in the house

Kids bedrooms on a different floor (paranoid mom here)



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