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It doesn’t take much to post a listing on the MLS and wait for calls. We know you expect and deserve more than this from your home sales team. Our marking plan aims to expose your home to as many potential buyers and fellow Realtors as possible, starting from before we even begin showings. From almost twenty years combined experience, we know what buyers are looking for, and how to present your home to them in the best manner.


Our social media platform is comprehensive, from Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Linkedin and Youtube, putting us in front of potential buyers and Realtors and providing our listings with great exposure, often before we are even on the MLS. We market our listings through email to our extensive database of both Realtors, past clients, and potential buyers.

Photography / Virtual Tour

We feel that exceptional professional photography and tours are a MUST. You will never see one of our listings with dark, blurred or distorted photos. We know that the photos are the hook to draw your buyers in and capture their curiosity. They have to be GREAT. We work with the best real estate photographers in Toronto, providing us with not only exceptional photos of our listings, but also amazing virtual tours.


We know that staged homes sell for an average of 10-20% more than un-staged homes, so we feel very passionately about the importance of staging our listings - we want the best for our clients. Our staging team is exceptional, designers with many years of experience and a copious amount of talent, and we offer their services to all of our clients as part of our all inclusive listing package.

Pre-Listing Home Inspection

In an effort to bring you an offer with fewer (or no) conditions, we know that a pre-listing home inspection can be a valuable tool. We often include an inspection from a reputable firm in our services. This can also provide you with valuable information about your home, and can draw attention to things you may want to fix before buyers see your property.

Pricing and Negotiation

We understand the market and how best to price your home to maximize return, and our excellent negotiation skills will ensure that you end up with the best possible outcome. Our past sales statistics demonstrate that we are good at what we do, with above average list to sale price ratios and lower days on market for our listings, yet when representing buyers, a lower than average purchase price.

Personal and Attentive Service

When you sign on to work with The Wilson Sisters, you are working with The Wilson Sisters. You won’t be shuffled off to work with a less experienced newbie team member, and you won’t be “handled” by an assistant or office manager. You work with us, and we give all of our clients our undivided attention. Our goal with every client is to remove as much of the stress as possible from the search for, or sale of, their home, and to ensure that we leave them feeling valued, respected and extremely satisfied with their experience with us. The best part for you (and us, if we’re honest) is that there are two of us! You get two agents in the deal, and you’ll find that we really work as a team. Double attentiveness.