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We feel pretty strongly about the value of home staging. So strongly in fact, that we offer staging to all our sellers as a part of our inclusive service.

Statistically, staged homes sell for 10-20% more than homes that have not been properly prepared for sale, and they sell 80% faster. It’s quite difficult to take quality and intriguing photos of vacant properties, or homes that are unprepared, and we know that excellent photos are the hook we need to get the buyers in your door and have them fall in love with your home. Often the head over heels reaction begins before they even get to your door step. Quality photos of your home showing it’s best are a must.

In keeping with our goals to provide impeccable service to our clients and achieve the highest possible sale price, we have chosen to partner with a staging company that stands out from the rest. Their attention to detail and affinity for beautiful and creative design made them the obvious choice to form our home staging team.

Before and After