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Good Karma…

04 July 2012
Wilson Sisters

Last year, we were working with a client, having shown her multiple properties, who ended up unfortunately going around us, contacting and dealing directly with a listing agent on a property that we had sent to her, putting in an offer and purchasing it without letting us know until afterward. It stung for sure, and we ..

Scrap the Tax

24 May 2012
Wilson Sisters

“We were thinking about moving but then we learned that the Toronto land transfer tax applies to each sale in Toronto, not just when you move to Toronto from another city like we did when we bought our current house. Knowing that now, we think we’ll stay put and renovate.” This is a piece of an actual ..

Part Time Agents

22 March 2012
Wilson Sisters

As Realtors, we’ve all heard it: A colleague of mine at the bank also has their real estate license, so I’m going to work with them on my purchase. My friend who is a fire fighter has his real estate license, so I am going to list with him. My sister is a Realtor in [insert ..

Sixty Colborne by Freed Developments

16 March 2012
Wilson Sisters

So on Friday, we Wilson Sisters attended the Broker Preview for the latest project to be introduced by Freed Developments. The event was held at Scarpetta, at The Thompson Hotel and was much more civilized and way more organized than the last couple we’ve attended. We will, next time though, be sure to arrive early to ..


07 February 2012
Wilson Sisters

I have been in the real estate business for a lot of years, and I have sold some of my own properties in the past, but I can honestly tell you, I did a crappy job. While I know I have very strong negotiation skills when representing my clients, and I will protect their interests above ..

The Broker Launch of Fabrik by Menkes

31 January 2012
Wilson Sisters

We checked out a condo launch today for Fabrik, a project launching by Menkes in the Entertainment District at Richmond and Duncan. The event was held at The 5th Social Club, and as usual at a high profile launch, it was crowded. Realtors everywhere, frantically accosting the servers with their trays of snack sized food, literally before they even managed to clear ..

Should you list now or wait until Spring?

20 January 2012
Wilson Sisters

It seems every year at this time, those who are planning a home sale in the Spring are asking themselves, when do we list? Should we hit the market now, in January, or do we wait until the warmer weather and the start of the ‘Spring market’ in March/April? We had a preliminary listing appointment this week ..


22 December 2011
Wilson Sisters

After being in this business for years, we have decided it’s time to start our real estate blog, in an effort to keep you informed and connect to our past clients, future clients and to our mom. We don’t call her enough and now she’ll be able to keep better tabs on what we’re up ..