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Treb Market Update for September 2014

17 September 2014
Wilson Sisters

As the fall market is upon us, and more people are starting to think about buying and selling Toronto real estate, we thought we’d share the most recent Treb Market Update release. Overall a very positive report. Strong competition continues for low-rise homes in Toronto (still a seller’s market), and sales are still quite strong in ...

77 Claremont Street, Trinity Bellwoods

11 April 2014
Wilson Sisters

The Wilson Sisters, Melanie and Joanna Wilson, Real Estate Homeward, Brokerage. 416.698.2090. 1858 Queen Street East, Toronto, ON. M4L 1H1

The Spring Market Starts Early This Year

22 January 2014
Wilson Sisters

If you’re planning to list your home during the Spring Market, please be advised that it has started already and if you’re not listed yet, you’re missing out. We had our first listing of the year last week and it was quickly confirmed that the number of buyers out there looking for properties that are not yet available

Mortgage Warning

18 November 2013
Wilson Sisters

Have you purchased a new condo or house during that last few years and are awaiting its completion? We strongly suggest that you get in contact with your lender to be sure that your financing is still in order. Do this sooner rather than later, especially if you’re buying the property as an investment and ..

Market Update

17 October 2013
Wilson Sisters

The Toronto Star reported today that home sales in Canada are expected to cool in the coming year due to the expiration of 90 and 120 mortgage approvals which may slow buyer activity. Their experts are not predicting a crash, rather a more modest increase in values than we have been seeing; around the 2% per year mark. ..

Waiting for a market correction?

03 September 2013
Wilson Sisters

We’re out in it every day. We have the actual real stats from TREB and can tell you that it doesn’t look like prices are going to be coming down any time soon. What you read in the newspapers can be quite deceiving. They like to start out with a negative headline that will get ..

Should you renovate before listing your property for sale?

01 August 2013
Wilson Sisters

Some say yes, some say no. We say, it depends. If your home is in really rough shape, our advice would be to try to clean it up as best you can, and list it without having done too much, because chances are, your buyer is going to be a renovator. Just make sure to .. read more

TIP for condo investors

27 July 2013
Wilson Sisters

Some of our clients have taken possession of their newly constructed investment condos this year…something we suggest to our clients is to spend a little money on upgrading the light fixtures in your unit, and be open to the idea of staging when trying to sell your new space. Chances are, when the building registers, ..

383 Sorauren

15 May 2013
Wilson Sisters

The Wilson Sisters and their constant companion these days, mini-Realtor Baby Will, attended a launch for 383 Sorauren a couple of weeks ago. We’ve been so busy since that time with super active clients, and said mini-Realtor, that we haven’t had a chance to write about our thoughts on this project, which is a shame. ..

Whoops…top mistakes of first timers

08 March 2013
Wilson Sisters

Buying a home for the first time can be exciting and a little scary. Take the scary out of the equation by getting informed. Having a Realtor on your side helps. We’ve worked with a lot of first timers and are happy to hand hold through the entire process. ;) Not knowing how much you ..