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The Window is Closing

26 July 2016
Wilson Sisters

Toronto real estate prices are rising quicky. Are you on the fence? Time to get off.

Wilson Sisters Partners with Divorce Angels

21 June 2016
Wilson Sisters

Divorcing? Know someone who is? We have THE resource for you.

Another Kitec Adventure

10 February 2016
Wilson Sisters

Kitec is turning up more and more in Toronto, and if you don't know what to look for, it can cost you.

What Can You Buy For Under $500,000?

16 December 2015
Wilson Sisters

The new mortgage rules have tightened up lending. Buyers will have to save a 10% downpayment for purchase amounts over $500,000. What can you get for under $500,000 in Toronto? Well...

Our new website

07 October 2015
Wilson Sisters

We are so thrilled with our new website!

Kitec plumbing – no fun for anyone

25 May 2015
Wilson Sisters

Have you ever heard of Kitec plumbing? More and more these days, we are hearing of Kitec showing up in home inspections and causing all kinds of upset. Here are the details: Installed in homes and condominiums that were built or extensively renovated between 1995-2007 Made of flexible aluminum coated in plastic Recalled in 2005 and...

Hoping to buy a house this year ? Here’s what you need to know

21 May 2015
Wilson Sisters

So you’re thinking of buying a home this year. We have a list of suggestions we hope will help you make the process as smooth and disappointment-free as possible. You know that perfect home or condo you have in your mind’s eye? It doesn’t exist. Every place you look at is going to have some things ..

A suggestion for our fellow Realtors

18 May 2015
Wilson Sisters

View post on imgur.com “So, how was it, working with them? Did you put the deal together?” we asked our fellow Realtor and good friend the other day. We were quite curious about this particular rookie agent team for reasons we won’t go into in this post. Let’s just say, they are on our radar. ..

Danforth East is the Place to Be

15 May 2015
Wilson Sisters

As you may know, we have recently opened an office on The Danforth, and it’s just been awesome. As much thought and planning as you can imagine went into choosing this location and we haven’t second guessed it for a moment. From the day of our Grand Opening party, we have been welcomed to the ..

Rare Three Bedroom Condo in The Distillery

08 May 2015
Wilson Sisters

Our new listing in The Distillery District has us pretty excited. We sold this space to these seller clients in 2006 and it didn’t look this fabulous then, that’s for certain. This home has been carefully renovated and has been so loved by our clients that Mrs. Client had tears in her eyes at the ..