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22 October 2020
Wilson Sisters

That is the question we have been asked many times lately.

Many are making big moves out of the city, cashing in their equity in favour of large yards, designated home offices, swimming pools and a slower pace.⁣

A common question we're asked is whether it's worth it to renovate or "should we just get listed as-is and let the buyer do their own updating?" ⁣

There is no 'one answer' to this, but we do have opinions.⁣

Buyers don't like: water stains, active leaks, dirt, cigarette smoke or other strong odours. Ideally these items are addressed.⁣

If you're realistic about price, a lot of buyers will take on cosmetic work and some actually prefer it. So don't replace old carpet with fresh carpet; it'll likely be on the curb when the buyer installs all new hardwood.⁣

The Toronto freehold market has been heavily in favour of sellers in recent months, but we are seeing a slight change. More inventory, buyer fatigue and Covid/back to school distraction mean some properties are sitting or not seeing offers on their designated date.⁣

Timing is important, so if you're ready to move but are hedging on renovating, get an objective opinion from a professional. ⁣

Bottom Line: Hate renovating? Beyond stressed? Maybe you just fix what's broken, paint in a neutral light colour, spruce up landscaping, hire a good agent whose staging is on point and get it done. ⁣

Not sure how far to take your renos? We'd be happy to consult with you and prepare a custom plan.⁣