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22 October 2020
Wilson Sisters

We are probably too excited about this act of kindness, but it made our week and we wanted to share it with our fellow Realtors.⁣

An agent showing one of our downtown TO listings had trouble finding the lockbox in a crowded cabinet. ⁣The ribbon we'd attached has gotten withered and hidden.⁣ She phoned and was able to reach me immediately because my cell # was ON THE LISTING.⁣ We talked it though and she eventually found it and showed the unit. ⁣I told her that I would go down there to attach a clearer marking so this doesn't happen again. ⁣When she was done with her showing I received this message. ⁣

How kind is that? Saved me a trip down there.⁣

You likely don't know it, but we are the agents who clean up the messes the last showing left in your listing. ⁣Like the red smoothie that was dumped in a bathroom sink last week at a vacant home and not rinsed down.⁣ Or the muddy footprints tracked through the foyer in a vacant property. If there are paper towels on hand, we've honestly cleaned it up for you. ⁣We've fixed cushions, tidied brochures strewn everywhere. ⁣

Because you know what? The better you look to your clients, the better we look to ours. ⁣

The better your clients' experiences are, the better it is for all of us as a profession. ⁣

Kindness begets kindness folks. ⁣