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14 May 2020
Wilson Sisters

We are getting a lot of questions about the market these days. ⁣

A lot of the data referenced in the media, and even by some Realtors and governing bodies is very general and references GTA wide stats. We know that things can be different neighbourhood to neighbourhood in Toronto, and changing quickly, so we are going to do a series examining the data for the areas and types of properties that our clients tend to focus on and come from.

So far, what we are finding in E01, E02 and E03 in freehold homes is that prices have come down, but we still haven't really fallen below January 2020 levels. ⁣

We are seeing a good deal of buyer confidence and some multiple offers happening, but very few listings on the MLS. Very desirable properties are selling quickly (some even before they hit the MLS), with others sitting for a bit with some negotiating a little bit on price, but fire sales are not happening. ⁣

If you'd like more info, please let us know. We'd be happy to talk about the market and how it affects you personally. ⁣

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