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Part Psychologist

25 June 2019
Wilson Sisters


A client recently said that to us, and it's not nearly the first time we've heard it.
She went on to add that she's "usually not nearly as neurotic" as she was during the process of selling her home.

Although we shared a laugh with her over this, we really DO help clients through a process that can sometimes bring out the worst in them, so to speak, or make them behave in a way that is not typical.

Each client we work with is different; while some glide through the process, others require more specific care. While we have a standard level of service and a well-refined process, we still must read each client carefully and apply ourselves to each case in the way that we are needed.

When this client, who found the experience of having many people coming through her home very invasive, confessed quite seriously that her perfectionism and OCD were being greatly challenged, we knew that we needed to take steps to alleviate some of that stress.

Each agent showing required a pre-showing text or call to explain that the home must be left EXACTLY how they found it. A simple thing, but one that maybe not every agent would bother with.

✅Some clients need to know every single detail of every possible outcome or scenario well before it happens(Jo), and some clients' eyes will glaze over if you try to load them up with details before necessary(Mel). ⠀

✅Some like to have a final say on all details, while others could care less and just want it done. ⠀

✅Some folks trust very easily while we must actively earn the trust of others as we move forward. ⠀

We have no idea how people navigate this process without assistance from someone who gets them, has a high level of empathy and the ability to act with great care and no judgement. Everyone has a little neuroses in them. We've got our own too.