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Your ears must have been burning

08 September 2016
Wilson Sisters

"Your ears must have been ringing this morning huh?" the receptionist said to me as we dropped off our buyer's deposit draft to their downtown office yesterday. 

"What do you mean?" I asked. I was confused by this question partly because it came out of no where, and partly because I was so hungry that I could have eaten my own arm. Confusion sets in as my blood sugar drops. I was honestly looking around their lobby imagining myself unconscious on the floor. If I didn't get out of there quickly, it was going to be my reality.

"We had a bunch of agents calling today to book at appointment on this listing that your buyer purchased and we had to tell them it was sold. They were really upset complaining that it had only been on the market a few hours. How could it be sold, they asked. They weren't happy."

"That's how you have to play the game these days I'm afraid," I responded, feeling a little bit badly for my colleagues, but not TOO bad. Because you know, we won and all. We got a great place for our super excited client. 

How did we manage to scoop this place from under everyones' noses, for a nice chunk under the asking price no less?

It took a client who was decisive, and ready to go out on her lunch hour within an hour of the listing being uploaded to the MLS system. 

The moral of this story is....well there are two morals.

One: always carry snacks.

Two: when your Realtor says you have to move quickly and there isn't really time to overthink things, they are not playing around. If you want a great place in Toronto these days, you have to pounce. Find a Realtor that you trust to stay on top of the new listings, knows what you are looking for, and is ready and available to get you through quickly. Be clear on your goals early on so that you don't have to see a place a few times, wait to bring your friends and family through for a bunch of opinions or think about it for too long. Because if you do that, you may either lose it, or end up paying A LOT more. Unfortunately, this is the state of our market. You snooze, you lose.