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Summer Sales

08 August 2016
Wilson Sisters

We are only half way through the summer and already our phones and emails are buzzing with activity as people are gearing up for the fall market (read: after Labour Day). If you're thinking about a purchase or sale, it's never a good idea to wait until the rest of the crowd gets their act together. August can be a great time to sell, and it can certaintly be a good time to buy. 

While there may be less buyers out and about in the mid-summer, the serious ones are still paying close attention to your listing, you can count on it. August brings much less competition than September/October will. If you have a desireable home and it's marketed properly, there really isn't a BAD time to sell in the hot areas of Toronto. We suggest you get moving! 

And for you buyers, August is likley when you'll be competing against three or four offers instead of ten. It may still seem daunting, and you'll still have to move fast and act with intention, but you may find that you are able to seal the deal you've been hunting for....before everyone else gets back from the cottage!

Some media outlets are suggesting a coming storm in the Toronto market as foreign buyers move their attention from the newly taxed Vancouver, to our fair city. We don't know if we agree with this assessment, but if it does turn out to be accurate, then Toronto is about to get even more competitive this fall. 

Give us a call to discuss your move. We'd be happy to help!