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Another Kitec Adventure

10 February 2016
Wilson Sisters

Kitec plumbing. If you haven't heard of it, you're not alone. It seems that a lot of Realtors in Toronto still haven't heard of this defective plumbing, and if your Realtor is one of them, it could end up costing you a lof of money in the future. 

Our client dodged a bullet last week when Kitec turned up in her home inspection on a condo townhouse on which she was thinking of offering. That property ended up selling for WAY over asking to a buyer that, we're guessing, had skipped the home inspection and had no idea that they were buying a property that will, without question, have to have holes torn into the walls and the plumbing replaced at some point in the future. 

Sometimes Kitec is not easy to spot, and it doesn't show up in the status certificate if it hasn't yet been brought up as an issue, and the seller may not even know about it, so it can slip under the radar, but often, it's clearly visible and your agent should at least know to look for the signs. 

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Please choose your representation wisely. It makes us cringe to think of those buyers that won this property, how happy they are, and how upset they will likely be later when they find out what they are facing. Sometimes it can make sense to go ahead with your purchase of a property with this plumbing, but where at all possible, you should be made aware of what you're buying so you can budget accordingly and pay a fair purchase price. 

Kitec plumbng - blue and orange pipes