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A suggestion for our fellow Realtors

18 May 2015
Wilson Sisters

“So, how was it, working with them? Did you put the deal together?” we asked our fellow Realtor and good friend the other day. We were quite curious about this particular rookie agent team for reasons we won’t go into in this post. Let’s just say, they are on our radar.

“They were really combative to be honest. Aggressive. ‘Just send us an offer with no conditions’…’I can’t believe you sent the offer with this price’… It was definitely not an easy transaction. It didn’t feel like a negotiation, more like being bullied.”

Why some Realtors think that, to represent your client effectively, we must be rude, aggressive and often an outright bully in our negotiations, is outside our realm of understanding. Guess what? You can be nice and get the job done! In fact you may find that you actually put together more deals if you stop being combative toward your peers. Our job is to bring people together and we truly believe (and frankly, we are right about this) that a successful negotiation leaves everyone happy. It’s hard to do that when you’re making the other side of the table miserable. We have actually had clients refuse an offer, or refuse to move forward on a purchase because they thought the other agent was a douchebag and they didn’t like how he/she was treating us, their representative. We sometimes find ourselves feeling sorry for the sellers/buyers represented by these difficult agents because they have no idea that it is costing them their goals.

We recently did a deal with a very successful agent, who though was quite aggressive about getting her offer in front of our clients at the earliest possible opportunity and before another potentially incoming offer, did so in a way that wasn’t ignorant or rude. She behaved in a confident and direct manner, but she was also gracious and genuinely kind and thoughtful toward our client and to us in post negotiation conversations. That’s how it’s done.

Please, be nice. Be courteous. We promise, you can do this without losing your edge or misrepresenting your clients. It works. We have been doing it successfully for almost fifteen years.