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Danforth East is the Place to Be

15 May 2015
Wilson Sisters

As you may know, we have recently opened an office on The Danforth, and it’s just been awesome. As much thought and planning as you can imagine went into choosing this location and we haven’t second guessed it for a moment. From the day of our Grand Opening party, we have been welcomed to the neighbourhood by fellow businesses and area residents, and we are loving that people will often just pop in for a quick chat. It’s been so nice.

When you think of The Danforth, you probably first think of the bustling and vibrant Greektown. If you haven’t been east of Greenwood in a while, you likely remember a streetscape of many empty storefronts and derelict buildings. These days though, things are changing. We are pleased to be one of many exciting new business, be they pop-up or otherwise, that are changing the face of Danforth East.

Earlier this week we read a fantastic article in The Star by columnist and award winning DECA co-founder/board member Catherine Porter, discussing the transformation of this end of The Danforth. DECA (Danforth East Community Association) started a project a few years ago that brings pop-up (short-term) tenants and Landlords together. They have even gone as far as helping some of the existing businesses revamp and clean up, presenting themselves in a much more positive light to consumers. The relationships they are forging are a win-win (read about the project here) and we have been so interested in and following their work on this since they began, honestly kind of wondering if there was anything we could do to help.

Back in 2004, we can remember working with some clients, showing properties, we being as new to the area as they were (holy crap, where did Gerrard Street go? How did I end up on Eastwood? SO embarrassing), and thinking how great it was that this area provided buyers with such beautiful homes, mature streets, and the subway to boot! It made selling out here (and relocating form downtown ourselves) a no-brainer. Our clients at the time, asked us whether we thought the businesses would turn over and the vacant storefronts would disappear over time, and we really thought they would. It’s not that we wanted to see the existing businesses leave, as we enjoyed the cultural mix and long time business residents of the area, but we wished some of the more derelict store fronts and cloudy, dusty and ineffective window displays could be cleaned up and genuinely wanted them to do better business. The thing was though, things seemed to get worse before they got better, and what never arrived, as much as we thought it would, given the increase in real estate prices and demand for the area, as was a Starbucks. Hate Starbucks as much as you like, but we all know that Starbucks is like that cool kid in school, once they deem an area worthy, the other businesses will follow. We read today that a Starbucks may be headed our way soon. We are so glad that DECA didn’t sit back and wait, but took matters into their own hands. Turns out they are in fact the cool kids in school….whatever Starbucks, you’re a little late to the party.