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Do you do this for all your clients?

17 November 2014
Wilson Sisters

“Do you do this for all of your clients?” he asks, looking over the brochure, accompanying write-up and floor plan I’ve handed him.

“Absolutely,” I respond, inwardly surprised that this is a big deal. Of course we provide marketing materials to our clients when we sell their homes. I’ve just met this potential buyer for our listing, and it’s clear to me that he’s experienced. He’s seen a lot of condos with many different listing agents, choosing to forgo his own representation. Yet with all the places he’s seen, he’s still taken aback by our materials.

This pains us. It pains us that there are Realtors out there, getting your business that are not providing you the service you deserve. On a daily basis we see dark, distorted photos of homes on the MLS and wonder, why is this okay with this seller? Why did they hire this agent when there are some really great ones out there who would NEVER list a property without the service of a professional photographer included. We tour homes with our clients that could have seriously benefited from staging, and wonder why this wasn’t included in the Realtor’s services? Why are agents whose marketing plan begins and finishes with “post to the MLS” still getting business?

Please hold your Realtor to a higher standard. Choose wisely and research well. Ask them to send you an MLS email with a link to past sales they have done so you can see the listings with the photos, as well as days on market and sale to list ratio. Ask them to bring some examples of their past marketing materials to the interview, and be sure that they clearly lay out their marketing plan. It should include a social media piece, and it should involve work and effort.

Why do sellers choose agents who think it’s okay to throw the listing up on the MLS and call it a day? Why do we see so many dark, distorted cell phone shots on the MLS? You are paying this Realtor for their service. Why do you not hold them to a higher standard? How do these Realtors survive in the business? Why do you hire them?