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Local Business Feature – The Beach

07 November 2014
Wilson Sisters

“There’s a new store along here we need to check out,” we tell our friends as we drive down Kingston Road one night recently. “It has a happy name…”

“There it is, Collected Joy? Great name,” our friend says. “Looks cute.”

Our curiosity piqued, today we made a point of stopping in to this little shop on Kingston Road, just west of Victoria Park. We are so glad we did. As we were coming in, a lady was on her way out.

“Fun store,” she called out as she left. We would have to agree. Lots of beautiful gift ideas, Canadian (and often Toronto) made jewelry, gift cards, candles, knit wear and things for the house. Always a fan of dulce de leche, we were curious about a line of Fat Toad Farm goat milk caramel sauces. The collector of the joy, Sharon Smyl (seriously the perfect name) immediately broke out some little bowls for us to sample four flavours. They were delicious!

We could have stayed and laughed with Sharon for hours. Not only is she the ‘collector of joy’, but we think she’s the ‘spreader of joy’ as well. We love our new candle!

Be sure to check out and support this little gem of a store, and to shop locally whenever possible. It always pains us to see disappear, businesses that are so loved and creative (Lil’ Bean ‘n Green we are talking about you). Please do your best to support local entrepreneurs.

Collected Joy

1035 Kingston Road