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Would you hire them?

15 October 2014
Wilson Sisters

Selecting a Realtor is a big and important decision. Currently, there are over 39,000 members of the Toronto Real Estate Board. The long running upturn of the GTA market has brought out hopeful new Realtors in droves, and it is said that most people personally know three to six agents. The choices are vast, and we would think the selection process fairly overwhelming at best.

We often play a game, my sister and I, when meeting or discussing experiences with fellow Realtors. “Would you hire them?” Most of the time, our answers match- not always, but most of the time. Our criteria?

  • Do they inspire in us a sense of trust? We think we have a pretty strong BS radar, and you likely do too. Use it well. Follow that gut. It’s pretty clear when you’re dealing with someone who is the real deal versus someone who is out for themselves. Ask a lot of questions and pay close attention to the answers. You can tell a lot from how an Agent talks about past client experiences. It’s also really important to check references. Ask for a few recent clients to speak to and find out what their experience was with this Agent.
  • Do they call us back (or text as is usually the case these days) promptly? Do they do the things they say they will do when they are expected? Are they available? We have dealt with Realtors who are extremely successful who NEVER call us back. We’ve actually had to go over their head and call their Broker just to get resolution of a simple thing like booking a final purchaser’s visit or having previously agreed upon paperwork signed to change a closing date. We have no idea how these Realtors reach the level of success they do when behaving in this manner. Ask the references about this issue, but also pay close attention to how you are treated during the time before you sign with the Realtor.
  • Do they have a large real estate team? Often those expecting to work with the head of a team, instead find themselves meeting with another team member. This is a common scenario. Be sure that you’re okay with the Realtor who is sent out to represent you. Vet them as well as you would the leader, and make sure they know their stuff. Often Realtors who are just starting out, or those who couldn’t, or didn’t want to make it on their own join a team. Be careful.
  • Are they organized and hardworking? We know that we wouldn’t want to be chasing down our Realtor for information or paperwork we need- we’d want them to provide it before we even knew we needed it. We would also prefer to work with someone who was available to us when we needed them. So be careful to choose someone who is making their career in real estate a high priority. We always get a chuckle out of dealing with another Realtor who is not available to talk to us about their listing during the hours of 9-5, except between 12-1pm. Be very careful about choosing a Realtor who is selling real estate on the side. How can they possibly know what’s going on out there the same way another w0uld who is in the trenches every day? Further, carefully screen the sole proprietor. It’s always baffling to us that it’s okay with a Seller that when we call to book an appointment to show their home, that we are unable to get through to someone. An office voicemail system that is only checked during business hours is not going to cut it.

There are lists of questions all over the internet that you can ask your potential Realtor before signing with them. Arm yourself with some good ones and interview a few. Remember to trust your instinct and choose someone based on their suitability, not on their family or friendship status, or any form of obligation. It’s one of the biggest purchases you’ll ever make. Choose your guide well.