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Waiting for a market correction?

03 September 2013
Wilson Sisters

We’re out in it every day. We have the actual real stats from TREB and can tell you that it doesn’t look like prices are going to be coming down any time soon. What you read in the newspapers can be quite deceiving. They like to start out with a negative headline that will get the reader’s attention but if you actually read the articles down to the end, they usually end up telling you that prices are actually up – the stats don’t lie. We have had clients in the past who have decided to wait, and are still waiting, and renting, years later. As an investment strategy, that has proven to be a poor one as prices in Toronto have been trending upwards for a long time. They have lost a lot of potential equity by not buying when they were thinking about it. Those places that were too small or too expensive would be worth quite a bit more now, and they could be selling and moving up to the larger space they had hoped for back then. We bet they haven’t managed to save money as fast as it would have accumulated in equity on their first real estate purchase. You have to start somewhere. Take the leap. The time is always now to buy real estate in Toronto. Get yourself set up with a solid team of experts and get out there.