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Should you renovate before listing your property for sale?

01 August 2013
Wilson Sisters

Some say yes, some say no. We say, it depends. If your home is in really rough shape, our advice would be to try to clean it up as best you can, and list it without having done too much, because chances are, your buyer is going to be a renovator. Just make sure to set your expectations regarding pricing accordingly.

If, however, you have a budget for renovations, and they won’t take too long to complete (the time to list is now), we suggest focusing on these areas as they have the greatest return:

  • paint (neutral colours please, no red or black)
  • kitchen (sometimes a simple backsplash or a new counter can make all the difference)
  • bathrooms
  • landscaping
  • repair any areas of the home that stand out as an issue, like horrible scratched floors, or stained flooring or a garage door that is dented and scratched.

We strongly suggest you consult with a good (and stylish) Realtor who knows the market in your area before you begin any work, and ideally before you choose your finishes and colours. We know what buyers are looking for and can help guide you toward solutions that are in demand and will be desirable to the most buyers possible and help save you money.