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383 Sorauren

15 May 2013
Wilson Sisters

The Wilson Sisters and their constant companion these days, mini-Realtor Baby Will, attended a launch for 383 Sorauren a couple of weeks ago. We’ve been so busy since that time with super active clients, and said mini-Realtor, that we haven’t had a chance to write about our thoughts on this project, which is a shame. Never too late though.

We liked this one. The exterior of the building is gorgeous (see a rendering here) fitting right into a street that’s already home to some pretty fantastic loft buildings. We have always been huge fans of the Roncesvalles hood, and this project is an affordable way to get into an area that offers so much.

Great finishes in the model suite. We were impressed all around. Call us for details!

Here is mini-Realtor Will working his modelling skills in the kitchen: