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Looking for the perfect home?

17 September 2012
Wilson Sisters

There is probably a list of things you need and things you want in your next home, but putting them all on one single list would be a mistake.

Why? Because buyers who separate what they need from what they want are much more likely to find a home that meets all their actual requirements.

For example, say you want a home that is completely renovated but you need it to be in a neighborhood that has a good local school. If you hold out for both, you might miss some great opportunities on the market. Or worse, you might mix up your priorities and become so excited by the new and shiny that you fail to realize that it’s not exactly easy walking distance to the nearest school. That is why you should create TWO lists when you shop for a home: a needs list, and a wants list.

Your needs list might look something like:

  • 4 decent sized bedrooms
  • a sidewalk in front of the home
  • parking for one car
  • a good school within walking distance
  • a clean, safe neighborhood

Your wants list may include:
  • a finished basement
  • hardwood floors
  • a large deck
  • good stores and restaurants within walking distance
  • backing onto a ravine or park

Does all this mean you can’t get the home you want, just the home you need? Not at all! By having two separate lists, you can make the best decision. You an make sure you find a home that meets all your requirements and, ideally, one that offers as many of the ‘extras’ as possible.

Also, good Realtors, like us, will help you navigate through all of this. We’ve done it many, many times and can help you put things into perspective when emotions run high.