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Part Time Agents

22 March 2012
Wilson Sisters

As Realtors, we’ve all heard it:

  • A colleague of mine at the bank also has their real estate license, so I’m going to work with them on my purchase.
  • My friend who is a fire fighter has his real estate license, so I am going to list with him.
  • My sister is a Realtor in [insert some small town outside Toronto] and my mom says I have to use her so I’m going to.
  • Thanks for sending me that listing. It looks great! I have started looking at properties with my friend from work who just got their license, so I’ll check it out with her.
  • Honestly, it makes us cringe every time we hear someone say they are choosing to work with an out of town agent or one who treats real estate as a hobby while focusing on their main career on a daily basis.

Did you know that approximately 18% of agents in the Toronto Real Estate Board didn’t sell a single property last year, and that 71.2% of agents sold less than 6 homes, deeming them in our eyes to be part-time agents? Mark McLean, Manager at Bosley Real Estate’s Queen West office wrote an article recently on his (awesome) blog that lays this data out very clearly. While there may be thousands and thousands of Realtors in the Toronto Real Estate Board, and you may know a handful of them, chances are most of the ones you know are not qualified to help you navigate the process of such a major investment.

We are out there on a daily basis, looking at inventory, talking to experts, taking seminars, attending sales meetings, brainstorming and learning from our peers, going to real estate events, reading everything real estate we can get our hands on. Real Estate IS our career. We live it. We rely on it to put food on our table. We don’t have another career. This is it. We don’t have a second job. This is it.

THAT is who you want working for you. Why you would choose to put your finances and fate in the hands of someone who has no idea what’s going on out there is really unclear. There is so much to know, and so much that can go wrong if handled badly, costing you thousands of dollars and/or a lot of trouble. We were trying to imagine yesterday as we discussed this issue, how we’d be able to do our jobs properly for our clients if we didn’t invest the time that we do on a daily basis, throwing ourselves 100% into this business, and we knew without a doubt that we just wouldn’t be able to do it.

Choose a Realtor who makes Real Estate their career and does it well. Ask them how many deals they did last year. Ask them how many homes they have looked at this week. Don’t be swayed by guilt or misguided loyalty. This is a very important choice you’re making. Choose wisely.