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07 February 2012
Wilson Sisters

I have been in the real estate business for a lot of years, and I have sold some of my own properties in the past, but I can honestly tell you, I did a crappy job. While I know I have very strong negotiation skills when representing my clients, and I will protect their interests above all else, when it comes time to negotiate my own sales, it’s like my brain turns to mush. I seem to alternate between acting like a hard-ass, digging my heels firmly dig into the ground, or to the other extreme, ready to give away the farm, and with no one there to soften my approach or to protect me, you can imagine, success is hard to achieve. Once, I actually priced our triplex for sale $100,000 over what it was worth and eventually sold for, and in the end, that blunder cost us money that would have been saved had we had a level headed Realtor to give us a shake. I mean, I dug up comparables to support my valuation and everything! I was sure that I was bang on. Objectivity? None.

It’s hard to represent yourself! That’s why I can not understand WHY some sellers decide to go the route of the “for sale by owner”, and why there are so many negative perceptions about Realtors out there. The experience I have had trying to sell my own properties has definitely proven to me the value of the Realtor, if I ever doubted it. We read articles in the paper and comments by readers online, or watch news programs that minimize the service we provide, and often there is a real tone of resentment and disrespect directed toward us, but honestly, I really believe that the average person has no idea how hard we work or what our value is when it comes to the real estate consumer’s bottom line. My sister and I often find ourselves frustrated as we read the negative opinions expressed online about our industry because we know that not only are we being painted with the same brush as a some the the less, shall we say, ‘hardworking’ agents out there, but that we work our asses off to ensure that our clients are keeping the most money possible in their pockets. And we’re not alone. I personally know a whole lot of Realtors who work just as hard as we do, and whom I would be extremely confident in hiring, because I know their ethics are where they should be and they know their stuff. We aren’t all like that, but we can be found if you look around. Make sure to look for referrals from those you trust, or from online sources, and interview a few of us before deciding on a Realtor to work with, and for the love of Pete, DEFINITELY think long and hard before deciding to give it a go yourself. Take it from me, it’s a no-win and it will cost you money and a whole lot of avoidable grey hair.

Me? I have learned my lesson. I know now that it’s impossible to be objective when I am listing my personal properties. I may still list them myself, but I am very lucky to have colleagues in my office that I can count on to step in and do the negotiating for me, and even make sure that I am not making up magical fairy-land prices that are not attainable.

Seek representation. Call us to discuss your plans. We’re here to help.