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The Broker Launch of Fabrik by Menkes

31 January 2012
Wilson Sisters

We checked out a condo launch today for Fabrik, a project launching by Menkes in the Entertainment District at Richmond and Duncan. The event was held at The 5th Social Club, and as usual at a high profile launch, it was crowded. Realtors everywhere, frantically accosting the servers with their trays of snack sized food, literally before they even managed to clear the kitchen door. Somehow I managed to secure myself a mini-cupcake before we headed back out into the daylight. It was a coup, believe me.

Not all the Realtors were thinking of food though (including my sister Joanna who was dragging me away from the battle and back to work). Some of us were already madly filling out work sheets, or milling around the model of the building and poring over the floor plans and price list. The building is to be mid-rise, modern and attractive. The prices are a little lower than we expected, at around $605-610 psf. We don’t love the floor plans, but they are okay. The location is stellar though, and the building is going to be quite nice, offering a full compliment of amenities. We think this one is worth a look if you’re interested in a pre-construction purchase.

Email us for pricing and a look at the floor plans.