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Part Psychologist

25 June 2019
Wilson Sisters

People often ask us if we find our job to partly that of a psychologist. Short answer? Yep :)

2018 Predictions

16 January 2018
Wilson Sisters

2018 is new territory for the Toronto real estate market. The new stress test regulations and rising interest rates have left many wondering what to expect this year! Here is our take.

From the Trenches

30 November 2017
Wilson Sisters

Looking for a home: tough going for buyers in today's Toronto real estate market.

48 Days and Counting

13 November 2017
Wilson Sisters

Should you race to sell or buy before the looming December 31 conventional mortgage stress test deadline?

Your Listing in the Eyes of a Buyer Agent

11 October 2017
Wilson Sisters

When we are representing buyers it's painful to see how poorly properties are presented. Here are some examples from the field of mistakes sellers (and their sales reps) are making.

Market Update: Fasten Your Seatbelt

05 March 2017
Wilson Sisters

Local Toronto real estate prices have you feeling depressed? We think prices are going to keep rising. But we have a solution for you, and it's not here in Toronto...

Bad Apples

14 November 2016
Wilson Sisters

Corrupt behaviour in the ranks of Realtors have left many of us ashamed and embarassed. Change is needed. Here is our take on this issue.

Your ears must have been burning

08 September 2016
Wilson Sisters

What it takes to win a home in today's fast-paced market

What Should We Offer?

24 August 2016
Wilson Sisters

Deciding what to offer on a property can be tough. Here are some tips to help.

Summer Sales

08 August 2016
Wilson Sisters

Don't wait for the Fall market to start. Summer sales are where it's at in Toronto.