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Growing up in real estate

We grew up in the real estate business. We were showing houses with our parents when we were still in diapers. Dinner conversations almost always involved some discussion of waivers, open houses, purchasers or vendors. So, it seemed the natural choice in 2002 when Melanie decided (officially) to begin her career in real estate and Joanna soon followed. We already had much of the education down!

We were already Jays fans back then

With our dad. You can probably guess what company we worked for by our corny outfits

Helping Toronto buyers and sellers

Early in our career we each spent a couple of years specializing in working with buyers, assisting our dad and another very busy salesperson, which allowed us to gain a lot of knowledge and experience much more quickly than it would have otherwise. Melanie gave seminars to first time home buyers, providing her the opportunity to assist many nervous and eager people find their way into our fantastic real estate market and make their first solid investment. After that buyer-focused period we have balanced out our business by spending a good deal of time working with sellers, as well as buyers, and have had many extremely satisfied clients. We have extensive experience in all price ranges in many neighbourhoods in the GTA, including a very strong knowledge of the condo/loft market.

Creating the best real estate experiences for our customers

We feel very blessed to be in our chosen business because it allows us the opportunity to be an important part of people’s lives not just for the short term, but more importantly for the long term. 85% of our business has come from referrals and we are very proud of that. Our objective is to ascertain our clients’ needs and goals and to help them to achieve them with patience (never pressure) and by providing them with all the knowledge and tools they require to be able to make an informed and comfortable decision when the time is right. Basically, we treat our clients how we’d like to be treated and we really do our best to make the process stress-free and enjoyable.

Our families

On a personal note, we grew up in Brampton and have lived in many places over the years (Waterloo, Mississauga, Muskoka, Severn Bridge, Paris France). Melanie moved to Toronto in the late nineties and Joanna a few years later. We spent time living together in the St Lawrence Market area, as well as Riverdale, and Mel currently resides in The Upper Beach with her blended family.  Jo lived in Leslieville with her son until the summer of 2018 when she moved to the Durand neighbourhood in Hamilton, where she currently resides with her son, her long time partner and her two step-sons. We have a great passion for Toronto and spend our free time exploring the many fantastic neighbourhoods it has to offer, but Jo is equally as passionate about Hamilton and is really excited about the food, beautiful neighbourhoods and extensive nature (waterfalls all over the place!) she is finding there. She loves to share this passion with our clients who are making the same move from Toronto to Hamilton.

We have a great respect for the importance of what will probably be one of the largest and most significant investments you will ever make, and you can be confident that we are here to guide you through the sale in its entirety and beyond.

More about Jo's move to Hamilton and how we have adjusted here

Jo and her son

A few of the louder members of Mel’s family

Whether you’re looking to buy or sell a home or you have a general inquiry, we look forward to speaking with you. Contact us to set up a meeting!!

Melanie Wilson and Joanna Wilson