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Finding the Perfect Home - Hamilton Edition

A lot of our clients are referred to us by Toronto agents;  clients who would like to buy homes in Hamilton and London.

The Hamilton clients usually expect they will be able to afford a lot more house than they would in Toronto, purchase in a really nice neighbourhood buy that home for under $600,000.

At the time of this writing though, even in after a shifting market like we experienced last year, homes priced under $600,000 are still usually:

  1. Requiring of a lot of renovation.
  2. In an area that has some edge to it or still in the earlier stages of gentrification or transition.
  3. Definitely not walkable to the GO station, and located further east.

These categories may be just what you’re looking for. But if you want something more move-in-ready, in a leafy pretty neighbourhood, with a nice yard, close to the GO Station and steps to trendy shopping areas, it will cost more. 


We recently worked with clients who wanted just that...

In order to achieve this and stay within budget, we worked with them to clarify their ‘must haves’ and what they were willing to compromise.

In the end, they chose a modestly updated detached century home in a great area, but on a busier street, without parking. Free street parking is available.

The home had the yard, the space they were looking for, and the potential they desired. As a young couple with professional design skills and no kids, this worked perfectly for them.

Initially, parking was on their must-have list, but as the search progressed they came to understand that their idea price point would require compromise somewhere. 

We were able to negotiate the purchase price for this property to a level within their budget (still not under $600,000, but well under $700,000). And they definitely paid less than they would have in 2021.

Everyone was happy and we were very excited to see them settle into this beautiful home.


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